Friday (March 26th) – Welcome to the team, Sam

After analysing the trends on Evaluate Market, I decided to purchase a Sam Merrill 3 ball Base Series 2 Limited Edition for $64.

It’s an interesting moment because it’s the three-pointer for the Bucks that set the NBA team record for threes in a game. Merrill’s was their 29th in the game against the Miami Heat, writing his name into the record books.

Merrill’s moment was selling for $30 the day before but doubled in the past twenty-four hours. Why? Because NBA Top Shot are releasing new badges before the end of the month and Merrill qualifies for three of them. No one knows if the release of the badges will lead to a knee-jerk rise in Moment value, but for $64, It’s worth the risk.

After initially listing it on the Marketplace for $69 dollars to test a new strategy that would see me increase activity and but lower net profit per Moment, I removed it in the hope that the badge release would yield higher profits.

I also decided to reduce the asking price of my Joel Embiid from 850 to 495 to see if I could get a bite. The low serial number is valuable certainly, but as it’s all profit given that it came from a pack, I’ve decided to get what I can take in order to use it to buy more.

Rookie Badges

With the upcoming release of the eagerly anticipated Rookie Badges, I decided to buy duplicate RJ Barrett Moments for $34 dollars and $35. Both were 15,000 Limited Editions and although my profit dropped to $94, I was confident that the launch of the badges would see RJ’s value spike.

Selling OG for a healthy profit

The slide in the marketplace continued so I decided to scroll the Discord to see if I could drum up a sale. After buying an OG Anunoby moment for £20 just five days beforehand, I talked him up and someone bought him instantly for $32, a net profit of 60%.

This, combined with the additions of RJ Barrett and an increase in value, saw my profit shoot back up to $194.

Status At Start Of Week 3: +$194

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